A walk-and-talk with Professor Santa Ono

For the final episode of this season of Arts on Air we had the opportunity to speak with UBC’s president, Professor Santa Ono.

On March 13th, Professor Ono visited the School of Journalism to speak with students. After the session, we took a walk with him as he headed off to his next appointment.

AoA Mar 27 2

Although he’s a scientist, Professor Ono’s first degree was a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago. He has a strong connection to the arts and told us that, for him, part of the attraction of coming to work at UBC was its world class Faculty of Arts.

The arts, he says, feed the soul of all intellect — they help you make decisions that are humane, no matter what your field of study.

You can hear our interview with Professor Ono right here.

In this episode, we also headed out on campus to meet some students and find out why they decided to study in the Faculty of Arts.

AoA Mar 27

We met students who have spent this year studying everything from philosophy to English literature to film production and music. Why did they choose to study in the arts?

Dominique said that her philosophy of the 17th century class helped her cut through the noise of social media in the modern world and see that there is way to intelligently and thoroughly argue your point of view.

Sam, who’s nearly finished a BFA in film production and BA in English literature, said his degree has helped him to critically analyze everything, to learn how to construct an argument, and to recognize that a lot of issues are more complicated than they first seem.

Ethan from the School of Music said that his lessons help him think logically, calm his mind, and problem solve.

And then he gave us a trumpet serenade in the School of Music’s faculty and staff parking garage.

It was a great way to wrap up our final episode as Arts on Air producers.

You can download the episode right here.

Thank you to all of the Faculty of Arts staff and students who have taken the time to speak with us this year. Arts on Air will be back in the fall with a brand new set of producers and hosts from the School of Journalism.

It’s been a great year. Thanks for listening!


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