Fundrive 2017!

This week we hosted Arts on Air live for the first time with the invaluable help of our School of Journalism colleague Rohit Joseph. It’s CiTR Radio’s Fundrive this week and we were taking donations for the station’s 2017 Shape Your Media campaign.


We played some of the highlights from this season of Arts on Air, including clips from our visit to an opera rehearsal and the School of Music’s Wednesday Noon Hour concert series. We also played snippets of our interviews with professors Molly Babel, Jessica Tracy and Deborah Campbell. And we realized that half an hour isn’t nearly long enough to play all of our favourite moments from this year on the program.

Thank you to our generous donors who helped us meet our show’s target for donations. Thank you also to the Museum of Anthropology and The Vogue Theatre for donating some great prizes for us to give away. And thank you Rohit for joining us and running the board.

See you in two weeks for our final episode of the season!




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