The role of war lawyers and the state of the single family home

In this episode we visit PhD candidate Craig A. Jones in his office in the Department of Geography to learn about his thesis topic, and upcoming book, The War Lawyers.


Jones’ research looks at the the role that military lawyers play in the conduct and outcome of lethal targeting operations carried out by the US and Israel in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. In the interview he gives examples of how the interpretation of international law can enable violence and how we need to be talking about it. 

You can listen to our interview with Craig Jones here

In this episode we also visited Sociology professor Nathanael Lauster about his book, The Death and Life of the Single Family House.


Professor Lauster explains what single family homes represent in our culture and how Vancouver is a North American model for sustainability and urbanism. He offers a positive perspective on densification by saying that this kind of living makes us more adaptable and compassionate. “The more we lose those spaces where we interact with people who are different,” he says, “The less empathy we have, the less tolerant we are.”

Hear our conversation with professor Nathanael Lauster here starting at around 13:55. 


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