Media innovation with Taylor Owen and artful documentary making with Nettie Wild


Taylor Owen‘s research and work concerns digital technology, journalism and public policy. In this episode of Arts on Air we look into the state of Canadian media, democracy in a digital age and new media innovations.

At UBC, Owen is Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Global Affairs. He’s a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School and founder and Editor of Open Canada, a Canadian online hub for international affairs.

On November 4, Owen and team host a Canadian Media Innovation Workshop. Topics covered by speakers include “Status of Canadian Legacy Media,” “The Rise of Platforms,” and the “Civic Role of Journalism Startups.” The day wraps up with a public event on the future of Canadian public media.

Listen to the interview here


UBC alumni and filmmaker Nettie Wild on horseback in the mountains of B.C.

This episode of Arts on Air also includes a conversation with filmmaker Nettie Wild about her documentary, KONELĪNE: our land beautiful. Wild is a triple major from UBC in film, drama and creative writing. She explains how her experience in theatre helps her with character work in her filmmaking and how KONELĪNE is a new kind of storytelling approach for her. Begin listening at 18:23 here.

In her conversation with Wild, Brittany learned about the interactive web component to this film and wrote a column about one of the dance artists involved for The Dance Current.

KONELĪNE screens in Vancouver at Vancity Theatre until November 10. For theatres elsewhere in the province, visit


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