Talking Babies and Language with Psychologist Janet Werker

DSC_1056This week Ira was joined by psychology professor Janet Werker to chat about her research on babies, speech and language as director of UBC’s Infant Studies Centre

Janet is one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists and Canada’s Research Chair in Psychology. Her 30-year career has focused on understanding the roots of language acquisition through studying speech in infants. Her research has revealed much about babies’ speech perception, acquisition of native speech sounds and how this supports early world learning.  For her contributions to the field and ongoing research, Janet was awarded the SSHRC 2015 Gold Medal Impact Award, SSHRC‘s highest distinction.

Her latest project is a collaboration with members from the Faculty of Linguistics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, which aims to create partnerships between researchers from different disciplines. The Language Sciences Initiative is a cross-disciplinary effort to broaden access to language sciences for all students.

You can hear more about Janet’s fascinating conversation with Ira here and catch Janet’s talk on bilingual babies at Science World on May 12. 



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