Student Series Part II: Carmen Miranda Barrios & Juan Hernandez

IMG_1361For the second and final episode of our Student Series, which profiles graduate students in the Faculty of Arts, Ira spoke with UBC Hispanic Studies students Carmen Miranda Barrios and Juan Hernandez.

Carmen is studying Latin American radio and media in a Canadian context. She is no stranger to the airwaves and has been volunteering as a radio producer for the past 15 years with the bilingual Spanish/English radio program America Latina al Dia. The show was created by Latin American expats in the 70s to discuss culture and current events in Canada and in their home countries. This experience inspired the subject of her PhD dissertation where she is exploring how the program has evolved and what is has meant and still means for the community.

Juan studies the portrayal of mining in Latin American literature. He is looking at how extractive industries are treated in short stories, novels and poems from Latin America; specifically those countries with mining in their history, such as Chile, Bolivia and Peru. It was his move to Vancouver that inspired Juan’s interest in this research topic.

Hear more of Ira’s conversation on with these two engaging PhD students here.



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