Student Series Part I: Ian Heckman & Richard Sandlin

AOA-Feb 2

UBC Philosophy graduate students Richard Sandlin (left) and Ian Heckman (right) joined Ira in studio this week to talk about the ways food and dance stimulate human emotion. This is the first episode in a two part series exploring graduate student research in the Faculty of Arts.

Richard has just begun his dissertation on the relationship between flavour perception – our sense of smell and taste – and pleasure/displeasure. A relationship that has received little research attention and which, according to Richard, is rather mysterious. His research will examine the link between these two chemical senses and our affective systems to explore why there is such a tight connection between food and our emotions.

Ian is studying how dance evokes feelings of the sublime in audience members. He has published a book on this research, which was also the subject of his masters thesis, Evoking the Sublime Through Dance: Embodiment, Music and the Profound. It was Ian’s choreography background which inspired this research interest and he continues to question the nature of audiences’ emotional engagement with dance performance.

Listen to the full episode on CiTR radio here. And tune in next week for the second and final part in Arts On Air; Student Series.




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