Ira Talks Music & Cognition with Professor Ève Poudrier

IMG_1207 2

To kick off the 2016 season, Ira sat down with Music Professor Ève Poudrier to talk music and cognition – a subject that she will be bringing to UBC next year as a new course at the School of Music.

Ève Poudrier’s interest in the relationship between music and cognition was inspired by her research on polymeter – the layering of different beats in one piece of music – which she discovered through the works of composer Elliott Carter while studying music theory at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Carter’s use of irregular beats became the foundation for her PhD dissertation, which explores issues of performance and perception. Since then, Poudrier has developed a body of research that focuses on how people experience music and the cognitive systems that trigger these emotional responses. She has recently expanded her study of polymeter to include music from Western Africa, as well as the experimental sounds of today’s popular electronic music.

Currently on maternity leave, Poudrier will return to UBC in the Fall 2016 to introduce her new course, which will be cross-listed between the School of Music and the Cognitive Systems Program. Listen to Ira’s  full conversation with Professor Ève Poudrier on CiTR Radio here.



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