Formerly-Jailed Journalist turned UBC Adjunct Professor Mohamed Fahmy Joins Ira on Air


A little more than a month ago, Canadian journalist and former Al Jazeera International Bureau Chief Mohamed Fahmy was behind bars in Egypt on terrorism charges. He was arrested along with two fellow journalists in 2013 and spent nearly two years in prison fighting to clear his name. Finally, on September 23, he was pardoned and released. Fahmy has now returned to Canada and joined the UBC faculty as the W. Maurice Young Centre Visiting Fellow in Applied Ethics and as a Global Reporting Centre Journalist in Residence.

Ira sat down with Fahmy to talk about his life before, during and after prison, where he lived side-by-side some of the world’s most notorious extremist leaders. Listen to his thoughts on journalism, his new life in Canada/UBC, upcoming book and experiences in a high-profile Egyptian jail, including how he used a mock radio show to cope with the trauma of his incarceration. Catch Ira’s fascinating and insightful conversation with Mohamed Fahmy on CiTR Radio here.


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