A final farewell


(From left) Loren Plottel, Ira Nadel, Nicole Gibillini, Linda Givetash, and Kathryn Gretsinger

After a year and a half producing Arts on Air, it’s time for us to pass the microphone.

We are thrilled to introduce Daisy Xiong and Natalie Walters as the new producers of the show. Both are master’s students entering their second year at the Graduate School of Journalism.

We’re sad to say goodbye to a truly diverse and inspirational community, but reassured knowing the show has been left in good hands. Arts on Air is not only a radio program, it’s a platform that allows us to tell the unique stories of the people around us. Many of these stories are informative, some are surprising, and many are inspirational.

Over our tenure, we’ve had a blast working with Ira, and getting to know the talented people in the faculty of arts. We’d like to extend a big thank you to Loren Plottel from the Faculty of Arts, and Kathryn Gretsinger from the School of Journalism, who helped make our collaboration with Ira possible.

We look forward to listening to the show and learning more about the staff and students over the next year.

-Nicole Gibillini and Linda Givetash.


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